The Business Structure


The Business Structure is described in the Constitution and will be run by a Board of Directors and an Executive. The number of members of the Board shall be not less than three (3), one of whom will be Appointed Directors and one of whom will be elected by and from among the Founding Member, the ICMA.


The Executive shall comprise the following persons appointed by the Board from among the Members:


1.     the President (the Chairperson),

2.     the Vice-President (the Deputy Chairperson),

3.     the Executive Director

4.     the Secretary and Treasurer who may (but need not) be Directors or Members.


ICCAA Executive Committee


Professor Peter Chandler, AO

Mr. Leon Duval
MBus(Acc), CA, CMA


Research Director

Professor Michael Vincent


Education Director

Professor Janek Ratnatunga


Web Master
Dr. Dina Wahyuni