Think Tank

ICCAA Advisory Committee (Think Tank)


The Board of the ICCAA has established an Advisory Committee (Think Tank) that includes persons appointed as Advisors by the Board under clause 17.1 of the Constitution to provide informal and expert advice to the Board either generally about the operation and administration of the Company or, specifically, about carbon credit markets and emissions trading systems. The current advisors are:


Professor Peter Chandler, Director RACV

Ms Trudy Ann King, Green Building Council Australia

Mr Terence Jeyaretnam, Net Balance

Mr Andrew Stephens, Clean Event

Ms Jody Newcombe, The Climate Group

Ms Joanne Saleeb, Investor Group on Climate Change

Mr Michael Nugent, International Auditing & Assurance Standards Board

Mr Wayne Bingham, Green Innovation

Mr Robert Stewart (Sandy), ICMA Australia

Mr Jeffrey White CMA, Linfox Group

Mr Wayne Gumley, Monash University

Mr Leon Duval, ICMA

Professor Janek Ratnatunga , ICMA

Mr Rishin Kapur  SKF

Dr George Rivers, Monash University

Professor Stewart Jones, Sydney University

Mr Ken Gunn, CEO Institute

Mr Peter Gibbons, Financial Planning Group

Mr. Ian Blair, Primavera Consulting

Ms. Catherine Mulcare, KPMG, National Risk Management

Professor Nava Subramanium, Deakin University

Professor Brendan O’Connell, RMIT University

Mr. David Rylah, Energy Advice Pty Ltd,

Mr. Benjy Lee, Zinfra Ltd.

Mr. Greg Taylor, R M Williams Agricultural Holdings

Mr. Eric Wehrmann, R M Williams Agricultural Holdings

Mr. Richard Smith, Landcare Australia

Mr. Bill McLellan, EnergyAdvice Pty. Ltd.

Ms. Sue Ciccotosto, James Cook University


The Board will not be bound to accept the advice or follow the recommendations of the Advisors or the Advisory Committee.


Advisors and members of the Advisory Committee must not divulge, disclose or otherwise reveal to any third part any Confidential Information obtained by them in undertaking their obligations, functions and duties under this Constitution in connection with the Company or the principal object of the Company.


Advisors and members of the Advisory Committee shall not be entitled to obtain copies of, nor inspect any records, documents, accounts, financial reports, statements, books or papers of any kind kept by, or in relation to the Company (however recorded or stored) except, and only to the extent, permitted by the Board or required by law.


Advisors or Advisory Committee shall act in an advisory and expert capacity only and, in the exercise of the powers delegated, will conform to any regulations that are imposed by the Board.