Executive Training


Courses will be developed on a demand basis, and offered as public or in-house programs. Examples of such training courses are (max-2-days):


1.    "Managing company emission inventories and reporting obligations"

2.    "Cost effective approaches to meeting mandatory and voluntary emission targets"

3.    "Fundamentals of emissions trading"

4.    "International emission markets - current status and opportunities"

5.    "Accessing the Clean Development Mechanism".



Symposiums and Forums



Sustainability Reporting & Decision Making Forum

This is an Annual Forum sponsored by The Institute of Certified Carbon Analysts & Auditors


The last forum was help on Friday, 26th November, 2010 at New Law School Lecture Theatre 106, The University of Sydney. It was co-sponsored by The Accounting Foundation, the Faculty of Economics & Business at the University of Sydney, CPA Australia, and Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.


The following papers and discussions were presented:


Professor Frank Hartmann (Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University)

“Carbon Accounting: Challenges for Research in Management Control and Performance Measurement”

Discussant: Anna Young (formerly Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Ernst and Young, currently Sydney University).

Associate Professors Geoff Frost and Philip Lee (University of Sydney)

“Behind the Rhetoric of Sustainability: A Case Analysis of How Effectively Sustainability Information is Collected, Integrated and Reported within the Organisation

Discussant: Professor Markus Milne, (University of Canterbury)

Associate Professor Lynelle Chappele, Professor Peter Clarkson and Daniel Gold (University of Queensland)
“The cost of carbon: Capital market effects of the proposed emission trading scheme (ETS)"

Discussant: Tim Jordan, ESG Analyst, Deutsche Bank, Sydney.


Professor Janek Ratnatunga (University of South Australia)

“Carbonvestments: Appraising Investments in a Carbonomics Environment”

Discussant: Associate Professor Glen Lehman (The University of South Australia)

Professor Carol Adams (La Trobe University) 

“Use of sustainability performance measures in Australian government departments”

Discussant: Associate