Proposed Curriculum Development by ICCAA

1.University Courses:

A key objective of the ICCAA is to work with accredited educational establishments to develop both face-to-face and online courses delivered via the Internet. Courses will normally take 39 hours (equivalent to 3 hours per week x 13 weeks per semester) to complete. A combination of courses will lead Registered (4 courses)/ Associate (8 courses) and Certified (12 courses) level credentials.

The courses are as follows:

Course Code Course title
CCAA 5001 Climate Science- Issues and Controversies (Climatology)
CCAA 5002 International Protocols and Regulations (Law)
CCAA 5003 Carbonethics and Carbonomics in a Civil Society (Social Economics)
CCAA 5004 Carbon Markets and Pricing Mechanisms (Finance)
CCAA 5005 Carbon Sequestration and Emissions (CES) Accounting (Environmental Science)
CCAA 5006 Alternative Energy Investments and Carbon Reduction Solutions (Energy Engineering & Built Environment)
CCAA 5007

Ecological Integration: Energy/Water/Food (Ecology)

CCAA 5008 Green Information Technology Solutions (IT)

CCAA 5009

Carbonvestments and Project Management (Finance)

CCAA 5010 Carbon Auditing and Assurance I : Verification of Carbon Inventories and Projects (Assurance)
CCAA 5011 Carbon Auditing and Assurance II: Carbon Financial and Management Accounting (Accounting)
CCAA 5012 Carbon Risk Management Strategies (Risk Management)

2. Professional Certification Programs

There will be 3 levels of Professional Certification:

1. Registered Carbon Analyst and Auditor (RCAA)

2. Associate Carbon Analyst and Auditor (ACAA)

3. Certified Carbon Analyst and Auditor (CCAA)


Flash! With the constant changes being proposed with regards climate change and carbon emissions management regulation in Australia; the education and training program to certify carbon analysts and auditors has been temporarily suspended. There will be no new intakes to these programs until further notice.