The Institute of Certified Carbon Analyst and Auditors (ICCAA) offers six grades of membership:

  • Academic
  • Professional
  • Certified 
  • Associate
  • Registered
  • Corporate

 In addition, there are Student Memberships and Honorary Memberships.


The following information is important to those seeking membership of the ICCAA:

·         The admission requirements (in terms of qualification and experience) vary for each grade of membership. Honorary memberships are conveyed by the Institute to distinguished persons whose services to the reduction of greenhouse gases and related disciplines merit this award of membership.


·         A non-refundable Application fee of A$44.00 now applies for new members. Please submit this along with your application (Bank Draft, Visa, MasterCard acceptable).

·         Once a member has been accepted by the Membership Committee, a once-off joining fee of A$55 is applicable to cover the cost of the membership certificate and associated joining fees.




Details of membership fees are available on the application form for the following grades of membership :

Academic Membership

Professional Membership

Corporate Membership

Certified Membership (CCAA)

Associate Membership (ACAA)

Registered Membership (RCAA)

Student Membership


Flash! With the constant changes being proposed with regards climate change and carbon emissions management regulation in Australia; the education and training program to obtain certified, associate and registered membership of the  Institute of Certified Carbon Analysts and Auditors has been temporarily suspended. There will be no new members in these membership categories until further notice.



·         Download Membership application form

·         Download RCAA to ACAA to CCAA Membership upgrade application form