Classes of Membership:


The Institute of Certified Carbon Analyst and Auditors(ICCAA) offers six grades of membership:

Academic and Professional Members

Certified , Associate and Registered Members

Corporate Members


Academic and Professional Members will comprise persons selected by the Board from a diverse range of organisations such as representatives of universities, or the accounting, legal or engineering professions or representatives of scientific organisations or institutions;


Certified Members will comprise persons selected by the Board who have completed the coursework, training and experience requirements and have obtained the professional qualification of Certified Carbon Analyst and Auditor (CCAA). Those who have completed the coursework and training but not the experience requirements will be classified as an Associate Carbon Analyst and Auditor (ACAA) or Registered Carbon Analyst and Auditor (ACAA) until the requisite experience is obtained.


Flash! With the constant changes being proposed with regards climate change and carbon emissions management regulation in Australia; the education and training program to obtain certified, associate and registered membership of the  Institute of Certified Carbon Analysts and Auditors has been temporarily suspended. There will be no new members in these membership categories until further notice.


Corporate Members will comprise persons selected by the Board who represent a diverse range of businesses such as (but not limited to)representatives of industry, banking, finance, mining, media and retail or related disciplines.


Admission to Membership


Every person who, at the date of registration of the Company, is a Member of the

Company and has paid the Subscription Fee for the current Membership Year,continues to be a Member of the Company.


A person who is not a Member of the Company at the time of registration of the

Company will not be admitted to Membership unless:

  • The individual or corporate applies for Membership in accordance with clause 5.2(c) of the Constitution; and
  •  The admission as a Member is approved by the Board.


Every person seeking admission to Membership of the Company must:

  • sign a written application addressed to the Secretary, in the form prescribed by the Board;
  •  specify the class of Membership sought and such other particulars as the Board may either generally or, in a particular case, require;
  • provide the undertaking referred to in clause 5.5 of the Constitution (see Undertaking below); and
  • give or leave the application, undertaking and payment for the first year's Subscription with, or for, the Secretary of the Company.


The Directors shall determine in their absolute discretion, whether to approve or to reject the application, nomination or notice.The Directors may decline to accept an application for Membership or nomination or notice with respect to a Nominee, without assigning any reason.


Once an applicant for Membership becomes a Member and is entitled to exercise the rights of Membership relevant to the class of Membership to which the applicant has been admitted when his name is entered into the Register.




Every Member (including the Founding Member) of the Company undertakes to contribute to the property of the Company in the event of the Company being wound up while being a Member, or within one year after ceasing to be a Member, for payment of the debts and liabilities of the Company (contracted before ceasing to be a Member) and of the costs, charges and expenses of winding up and for the adjustment of the rights of the contributors among themselves such amount as may be required, not exceeding, in any event, $200 per Member.


Default by members


If a Member fails to pay the whole or any part of his Subscription in any Membership Year, for more than 60 days after the due date for payment then all of the rights and privileges of that Member shall be suspended until the Subscription, or such part thereof which is payable and remains outstanding, is paid or until his Membership has been determined in accordance with the provisions of clause 8(b) of the Constitution.